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CI-208 Acqueos Corrosion Inhibitor


CI-208 is an effective corrosion inhibitor for metals in highly corrosive conditions, such as, acidic sour crude, salt water, dissolved oxygens etc., in the aqueous environment of oil field applications.

A micro filming amine adsorbs onto metal, and provides a hydrophobic film barrier to retard surface reaction to combat corrosion. Also, it helps disperse the rust and other solids such as FeO Fe2O3 off the corroded metal surfaces.

Features (Corrosion Prevention):

  • CI-208 will help neutralize acidic crude and process water to reduce corrosion.
  • A micro filming barrier provides corrosion inhibition.
  • Low treatment dosages help protect machinery, tubing, pipes, etc.
  • Suitable for use in oil and/or gas producing wells that have a considerable water content.


  • Treatment Dosages: 50-250 PPM.
  • Well-head lubricator or treater truck by tubing displacement.
  • Frequency and duration of treatment per corrosive conditions.

Physical Properties:

Appearance: Clear Amber Color
Odor: Bland
Density: 7.90 #/Gal.
Sp.Gravity: 0.95
Viscosity: <35 cps
Flash Point: 212oF
Freeze Point: 28oF
Oil: Dispersible
Water: Soluble