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CI-98 Corrosion Inhibitor



A unique and innovative corrosion inhibitor chemical compound which, when incorporated into a petroleum process crude, in low treatment dosages of 50-250 ppm, prevents or retards undesirable corrosion formation.


  • CI-98 will help neutralize crude and reduce corrosion.
  • Film former provides corrosion inhibition.


  • Helps protect machinery tubing and pipes.

Mechanism for Action:
Corrosion is caused by down-hole acidic conditions which when combined with water and oxygen promotes the formation of ferric oxide ferrous oxide and steel tubing, casings rods, and all unprotected metal parts. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in the oil also creates an acidic condition and the formation of ferric sulfide also knows as "black power."

Corrosion is prevented by several mechanisms.

  • Special additives form a bond, to the exposed steel parts, creating a barrier layer which is impermeable to corrosion causing compounds.
  • Additives neutralize hydrogen sulfide in the crude and any acids in the water.

Application & Dosages:
It is suitable for use in oil &/or gas producing wells, usually applied by well head lubricator or treater truck by tubing displacement once a month to once a year depending upon severity of corrosion problem. For sour pumping well, from once a week to once a month is quite effective.

Physical Properties:

Appearance: Clear Amber Liquid
Odor: Bland
Density: 7.5 #/Gal.
Sp.Gravity: 0.90
Viscosity: <25 cps
% Volatile: <10.0
Flash Point: 212oF
Freeze Point: 30oF
Oil: Soluble
Water: Lightly Dispersible