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KX-100 HP-1


KX-100 HP is a proprietary extraordinary powerful high paraffin dispersant used successfully for stimulation of the entire range of medium to high molecular weight (C30-C50+) paraffin. Multi-functional fast acting for clean-up deslugging removal of a plug, tank bottoms, pipeline, well, and flow-line blockages. It has successfully overcome some of the toughest problems with a wide range of Paraffin/Asphaltene rich heavy crudes and deposits. It possesses outstanding solvency, water wetting, penetrating and dispersing properties within a very short contact time and soak cycle, hence, quite suitable for batch and squeeze application. It is safe for use in oil field applications and refinery process.

KX-100 HP-1 overcomes problems with very low API° heavy crude:

  • Excellent viscosity reduction @ 1000-5000 PPM
  • Significant reduction in line back pressure
  • Pour point reduction; cold flow enhancement