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KX-105 DSA-5 Degreaser Cleaner


KX-105 DSA-5



KX-105 DSA-5 is a very effective, ready-to-use, multi-functional heavy duty chemical cleaning compound designed for cleaning ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It removes non-polar heavily soiled dirt, grease, oil, gas and porous and non-porous surfaces.


  • Works rapidly with little contact time.
  • Possesses strong wetting, penetrating, dispersing, and solvating properties.


  • Improves equipment maintenance
  • Can provide a protective barrier to prevent future soiling when used full strength.


This product is designed for general maintenance cleaning of the external surfaces of pumps, oil rigs, pipes, tubing and all exposed portions of oil rigs. The product is a solvent based hard surface cleaner, which may be used in a parts washer, rotary machine or applied with a rag or brush. For best results apply full strength. It can be sprayed, swabbed and gently water rinsed.

Mechanisms for Action:

KX-105 DSA-5 functions by several mechanisms.

  • Solvation - Blend of solvents quickly removes both polar and non-polar soils.
  • Penetration - Special ingredients allow rapid penetration of soils to dissolve and lift them from substrates.
  • Wettability - The product contains water displacing ingredients, which allow the product to penetrate water and remove any soils revealed by the displaced water. It also coats the metal surfaces and prevents re-wetting of the surfaces.
  • Dispersion - Insoluble soils are loosened, dispersed and removed by wiping or rinsing with water or clean solvent.


Appearance: Clear to light yellow liquid
Odor: Mild Aromatic
Density: 6.7 #/ Gal.
Sp.Gravity: 0.80
Visc: <10 cps.
Flash pt.: 145oF
Freeze pt: <-20oF
Oil Solubility: Complete
Water Solubility: Insoluble
Volitiles: 100%