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KX 106-1 Water Based Degreaser

KX 106-1 Water Based Degreaser

Description & Features:
KX-106-1 Water Based Degreaser is a liquid alkaline cleaner containing corrosion inhibitors and heavy duty surfactants that make it highly effective on the toughest of soils, including exhaust carbon, hydraulic oils, boot prints, and solid film lube.


  • KX106-1 is a non Petroleum, non chlorinated, heavy duty cleaner.
  • KX-106-1 Water Based Degreaser KX-106-1 Water Based Degreaser has no flash or fire point thus, eliminating any storage or handling problems.
  • KX-106-1 Water Based Degreaser may be used concentrated or diluted with water.
  • Lower VOC's water based formulation allows for lower VOC's in use especially at higher dilution levels.
  • Lower odor than solvent based products.


  • Replaces cleaners that contain toxic or environmentally harmful ingredients, allowing maintenance personnel to comply with stringent EPA and OSHA standards.
  • Improves equipment appearance.
  • Non-corrosive to aerospace metals.
  • Low odor in comparison to solvent based degreasers.

Mechanisms for Action:

  • Hard surface cleaner.


KX106-1 is designed for general maintenance cleaning of the external surfaces of pumps, tanks, oil rigs, transport pipes, and ground equipment. The product may be used in place of solvent based cleaners where there is a concern for damage to polymer parts and elastomeric seals.

Soils Water Dilution
Light 1:4 to 1:20
Moderate 1:2 to 1:4
Heavy 1:1 to 1:2

Apply KX-106-1 Water Based Degreaser with a steam cleaner pressure washer or bucket and brush. Allow 3 to 8 minutes dwell time, depending on the soils to be removed. Agitate and rinse with water.

Appearance: Clear light yellow
Odor: Mild
Density: 8.60 lb/Gal.
Sp.Gravity: 1.03
Viscosity: <25 cps
Flash Pt. (Tcc): None to Boiling (212o F)
Freeze pt: ~32oF
Oil Solubility: Insoluble
Water Solubility: Soluble
pH: 8.0 to 9.0