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Petrobras - Offshore Flowline

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Offshore Well with Flow line clogged flowlines in
Brazil - Petrobras

Current Situation

In June and October the flow lines were clogged with sludge causing the flow lines to be constricted.

The projectstarted in 1999 and was approved in 2000.


Take out the sludge constricting the flow lines.

Below is the diagram of the flowline.

United Energy – Inject KX-100

KX-100 was injected in two places to help the pigs clean the flow lines.

There were pumps and filters used in the process. 

VR 1020-1 Results Summary

Pictures of the sludge removed by the pigs using KX-100.


  • The product KX-100 showed itself efficient and well competitive for the clearing of flowlines.
  • Results in terms of oil production