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United Energy has created a product line of super-effective, money-saving industrial products. Our scientific know-how and proven business sense have resulted in product lines that are exponentially more effective and different in composition from the other industrial products on the market. 

We sell an array of environmentally friendly, money-saving industrial maintenance products for the Oil & Gas industry including chemical products for wells, pipelines, tanks and refineries. Current Products include (click on each product for more info, or email us to request a specific MSDS):


KH-30 Paraffin, Asphaltene- Pipeline Cleaning

KX-100 Dispersant - Paraffin & Asphaltene Removal

KX-100 HP-1

KX-104 PDC


KX-105 DSA-5 Degreaser Cleaner

KX 106-1 Water Based Degreaser

KX-EB-Line Emulsion Breaker/Demulsifier

Viscosity Reducers:

VR-10210-1 HP High Performance Viscosity Reducer & Flow Enhancer

Corrosion Removers & Inhibitors:

CR-1 Corrosion Remover

CI-98 -Corrosion Inhibitor

CI-208 Aqueous Corrosion Inhibitor

SI-18 - Scale Inhibitor

SR-3 Iron Sulfide and Scale Remover #3