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SI-18 Scale Inhibitor

SI-18 - Scale Inhibitor


A high performance scale inhibitor developed to prevent both calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate salt deposits. SI-18 Scale Inhibitor is a broad spectrum, high-Calcium tolerant, water soluble scale inhibitor which has been formulated to inhibit the formation and deposition of Calcium Carbonate scale in oil field brines.


  • SI-18 Scale Inhibitor is stable at temperatures up to 450oF, allowing it to be used where other products may be thermally unstable.
  • SI-18 will complex with the calcium cations, impeding crystal growth and subsequent scale formation and deposition.
  • Also controls barium sulfate, iron hydroxide and will disperse colloids and fine particles such as clay.


  • Breaks down scale in wells and pipelines
  • Stops additional scale from forming
  • Increases water solubility of inorganic salts

Mechanism for Action:

The scale is inhibited by the following mechanisms.

  • Solubility enhancement or threshold effect which reduces precipitation of low solubility inorganic salts.
  • Crystal modification which produces crystals which do not adhere well to surfaces.
  • Dispersing activity which prevents precipitated crystals or other inorganic particles from depositing on surfaces.
  • Buffering effect, which minimizes precipitation of inorganic salts and limits corrosion and formation of iron oxides.


SI-18 Scale Inhibitor may be applied by continuously injecting between 25 to 100 ppm of the product down the annular space of a producing well via side stream bleeder arrangement, based on the total daily volumes of water produced. Other applications may include continuous injection into a header system upstream of a free-water knock-out or a heater treater, or upstream of a high-pressure pump in salt water disposal or injection system. Treatment rates should be optimized by closely monitoring scale deposition at control locations.

Batch treatments with SI-18 Scale Inhibitor are successful in producing wells with sufficient annular fluid to act as a chemical reservoir which will provide a slow, continuous feed of inhibitor into the produced fluids. Normally, one or two batch treatments per week are recommended for effective scale control. SI-18 Scale Inhibitor is not specifically recommended for use in formation squeeze applications due to its extended solubility.

Physical Properties:

Density (Lbs./Gal): 9.09
Specific Gravity @ 60 oF: 1.09
Flash Point(TCC): >200oF
Freeze Point: 32oF
High Calcium Waters: Soluble
High TDS brine: Soluble
Fresh Water: Soluble
Crude Oil: Insoluble