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SR-3 Iron Sulfide and Scale Remover

SR-3 Iron Sulfide and Scale Remover #3


A fast acting corrosion inhibited product developed to remove both calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate salt deposits.  SR-3 is a broad spectrum, water soluble scale remover designed to rapidly alleviate hard and soft deposits and to restore full flow capacity.  The product is also designed to remove rust while adding protection against further rusting by providing a phosphatized surface on ferrous metals.


  • SR-3 is buffered to dissolve more scale than competitive products
  • Contains additives for the removal of iron salts
  • Chelates other free metals that may be present


  • Removes rust and prevents further corrosion
  • Breaks down  even hard scale rapidly
  • Can be applied by spraying, brushing or soaking

Mechanism for Action:

  • Neutralizes carbonate salts to rapidly break-down scale structure
  • Suspends insolubles for easy removal
  • Prevents redeposit of dissolved salts on surfaces
  • Buffering action increases the capacity of the treatment to remove scale
  • Dilutable to control the rate of reaction to prevent formation of gas pockets


It is ready for use in full concentration.  May be pumped through pipelines or re-circulated through equipment where a loop system may be established.  Normally produces only carbon dioxide as a by-product, which can be vented to the atmosphere.  In instances where iron sulfide is present, recovered solution can be scrubbed to remove any hydrogen sulfide produced.  After treatment with SR-3, it should be followed up by continuous injection with SI-18 Scale Inhibitor to prevent further deposit of scale.  Any organic or crude oil coatings should be removed by cleaning before treatment.


Density (Lbs./Gal): 10.8
Specific Gravity @ 60 oF: 1.29 + 0.05
Flash Point(TCC): >200oF
Freeze Point: 30oF
High Calcium Waters: Soluble
High TDS brine: Soluble
Fresh Water: Soluble
Crude Oil: Insoluble